Breezy California Living Room

Sometimes I walk into pretty stuffy homes--the air is thick with all the large furniture and chachkeys everywhere. This is one of those times where less is more. We're letting some breeze into this formerly cluttered Hollywood Hills living room! Can't you just feel the air already?

The room has a few key pieces that are light, taking very little visual space. That Gus Modern sofa takes so little space that it doesn't even have proper arms! The grasshopper floor lamp and Sonneman deconstructed sputnik-esqe light fixture illuminate the space but will be easy to dust. Add some semi-sheer white drapes, and the room is well lit. And this wouldn't be truly Californian without cutting a few bougainvillea branches from the outside and bringing them in, along with a palm tree! 

Black, White & Gold Foyer

I have a serious thing for black, white, and gold. The combination is timeless, elegant, and oh so chic. If you're wanting to do a bold wallpaper, but worried of a print that will go out of style, consider black and white stripes! This entry into a traditional home (wainscoting wasn't going anywhere) get a jolt of energy with striped wallpaper and tons of gold accents. I love it!

Peruvian Baroque Drawing Room

There's something comforting about surrounding ourselves in spaces that remind us of our childhood. My mom is from Lima, Peru, and I've had the privilege of spending a lot of time there. Why not write a blog post about the design style down there? Here's some background:

When the Spaniards colonized Peru in the 1500s, they brought with them an architecture and design style called Spanish Baroque. The baroque era was all about drama in elaborate shapes, with the goal of wowing people (especially the illiterate) to draw them into the Catholic Church. We see very grand, intricate and ornate motifs in the furniture of the era. In Peru, this baroque style met with pre-Columbian Peruvian handicrafts, locally mined silver and gold, and beautifully colored textiles. The result of this merge is a uniquely Peruvian decor style that has lasted roughly 500 years. 

Going to Lima often as a child, I saw this Spanish Colonial / Peruvian Baroque style in most homes (as well as my favorite restaurant, Jose Antonio!). There is something so authoritative and masculine about the style, yet interesting. Many homes (including my own) have pre-Columbian artifacts (think gourds, clay pots, etc.), as well, adding to this multi-dimensional style. Mid-century modern design also landed in Lima; one sees that influence in many homes, too. But, for now, I'll show you what "Peruvian Baroque" looks like:

Sweet Safari Nursery

I love when clients request a gender-neutral nursery! These parents-to-be are waiting to find out if they're going to have a boy or a girl! Design-wise, the couple has an overall mid-century modern aesthetic, and love the color yellow! Here's the room I schemed up for them:

Rose Gold + Sapphire Den

When I came across this beautiful Fendi Casa velvet sofa, I immediately had to design a room around it. I decided to pair the sapphire blue with some rose gold. Those tall objects on the sides are Bang & Olufsen speakers in rose gold (major WANT)...and that super cool shisha/hookah on the end table? I've never seen anything like it before! How about the pure work-of-art coffee table situation from Boca do Lobo?! Top it all off with some rainbow touches: Missoni Home vase, Dot+Bo pillow, and Society6 canvas print. Done.