Daniela Malca Benloulou, a Southern California native, grew up traveling the world, observing the styles that create the fabric of every culture abroad. With her affinity for all things global, she studied International Relations at the University of Southern California. Opting not to pursue law school, she returned to her lifelong passion by enrolling in an Interior Architecture master's program at UCLA. Daniela adheres to a design philosophy of fun. Whatever one's personal story is, it should be reflected in his or her home, with exuberance.

Daniela lives in Los Angeles with her loving husband, baby boy, two dogs, and a cat, attacking design challenges every day.

Her specialties include, but are not limited to:  

  • Remodels
  • Functional, practical design
  • Solutions for homes with pets
  • Creating custom furniture
  • Designing for young professionals
  • Solutions for homes with children
  • Decorating within a budget
  • Ethnic and global touches
  • Merging prints and colors
  • Modern, but not "cold" aesthetic
  • Managing Spanish-language contractors



Contact Daniela for a design consultation in the greater Los Angeles area.